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Historically, the lead was used in paints which had health concerns. With time, the applications of lead diversified. Known as a heavy density metal with high resistance to corrosion, lead is effectively used a wide range of industries across the world. These features makes it a highly used metal in marine applications, like weights and fishing sinkers. Moreover, lead is easily recyclable and can be re-melted infinitely. Lead production also needs effective processing to remove the impurities, but the secondary lead is same as the primary lead which is derived from the ore. With high reuse rate, over 50% of lead is derived from the recycled lead. JJ Scrap Metals specialises in collection and transport of your lead metal scrap in Australia. We are an independent, 100% Australian-owned scrap metal company, striving to decrease the amount of recyclable scrap metal ending up in the landfills.


Common Lead Scrap Metal

Lead is one of the most recycled metals, with over half of the lead being used throughout the world having a recycled origin. Moreover, approximately 85 percent of recycled lead is utilised in batteries.

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Soft or hard lead batteries
  • Bullets
  • Weights
  • Wheel weights
  • Lead armoured cable
  • Forklift batteries
  • Steelcase batteries
  • Backup batteries
  • Marine applications – Fishing sinkers, solder, mag wheel weights and nails
  • Radiation shielding used in the healthcare industry

Why Recycle Lead Scrap?

Lead recycling supports sustainable development by taking the pressure from non-renewable resources of lead. Moreover, reduction in the mining process also reduced the carbon-dioxide emissions with energy efficient techniques. Lead is a very toxic metal. Its improper disposal can have an negative impact on the environment and cause water contamination. Additionally, lead metal scrap is valuable for the high prices it gives in return!

If you have end-of-life lead batteries or any other form of lead metal scrap, we can come and collect it and offer the best possible prices! For scrap metal collection and transport services in Australia, call us now! The following is our current service area: Moorabbin, Moorabbin East, Braeside, Dandenong South, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Pakenham, Clayton, Seaford, Docklands, Laverton, Hallam and Ringwood.

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