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Gunmetal is known as a copper-tin cast alloy, with zinc or lead additions. With a wide range of special properties, gunmetal is the most used form of tin bronzes. It has corrosion resistance properties, resistance to stress corrosion cracking and dezincification. This metal has been used in building valves, screwed/soldered/pressed fittings and more in the sanitary and heating industry. With correct composition, the gunmetal is also used in water filter and purification installations. Due to gliding and emergency running properties, the metal is also used frequently in drive technology, especially plain bearings. With suitable properties, the gunmetal is a standardised valve and plumbing material in a wide range of industries. At JJ Scrap Metals, we specialise in the collection and transportation of gun metal scrap right from your doorstep – at highly competitive prices!

Gunmetal is also known as G-metal and is primarily composed of 88% copper, 10% tin and 2% zinc. The common gun metal scrap in modern times includes gears and bearings which are used in heavy loads-low speed applications. As gunmetal can withstand corrosion (atmospheric, steam or seawater), it is highly used in steam fittings, valves and pump parts.

Why Recycle Gun Metal Scrap?

  • Recycling maintains the viscosity and cast strength of gunmetal
  • Recycling retains high casting, machining properties, combustion efficiency and resistance to corrosion from salt water and steam
  • Gunmetal is very strong, used for various products due to physical ductility
  • Gunmetal is especially corrosion-proof
  • Environment friendly processing
  • Gunmetal’s high Cu content makes it low-dezincifying
  • Useful in manufacturing more diverse gunmetal products
  • Economical, easy to mould and cast without losing any properties

Do You Need to Discard Gun Metal Scrap?

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