PVC Cables and Wires

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PVC was first used for cable insulation, replacing rubber, during the World War II. With high popularity and great properties, it is widely used even today for insulation and sheathing. The wire and cable industry has been largely benefitted by it, as the PVC has excellent electrical insulation when used with cables and wires. At JJ Scrap Metals, we specialise in collection and transport of PVC cables and wires scrap metal in Australia.

Most of these cables contain copper wires covered in PVC insulation. Considering the presence of copper, the most valuable metals in the present times, recycling the PVC cables and wires is undoubtedly advantageous. Recycling the scrap will highly benefit the electronic devices and infrastructure projects which rely on copper for various applications.

Why Recycle PVC Cables and Wires?

Since these scrap metals materials are directly dealing with copper, a natural non-renewable metal, recycling them is of utmost importance. To prevent the mining and exploitation of copper, which has serious environmental effects – collection and recycling of PVC cables and wires is highly beneficial. Due to adverse effects involved in copper mining, copper recycling will always win. Moreover, manufacturing PVC compound doesn’t involve mining, as fossil oil is extracted and converted to PVC.

PVC Cables and Wires Scrap

The amount of PVC insulation and copper content will depend on the type of cables and wires being discarded.

  • Household Cables
  • Copper & Aluminium Cables
  • Lead & Copper Cables
  • PVC Bright Cables
  • Bus Looms
  • Tinned Cables
  • SWA Bright and Tinned Cables
  • Low and High Grade Cables
  • IT Equipment
  • Ethernet (Cat 5) cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Electrical appliance cables
  • Cable for home wiring of power outlets and lights
  • Cable: twin and earth
  • Heavy-duty cable: twin and earth
  • Double-insulated heavy-duty home wiring
  • Heavy-duty industrial cable

PVC Cables and Wires Scrap Prices

Generally, all the scrap metals are sold by weight. But, the dealer will only pay for the pure and bright copper content which can be recycled and reused. If you have PVC cables and wires junk lying in your garage, basement or yard – please call JJ Scrap Metals for services in scrap metal collection and transport in Australia.

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