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Historically and since the Bronze Age, bronze has been used widely due to high strength, easy castability and hardness. In the modern times, it has contributed a lot to the engineering applications. Moreover, bronze is not a pure form of metal, but an alloy, majorly constituting copper. It also has other metals like arsenic, aluminium, phosphorus, manganese and silicon. The consistency and presence of various metals, gives collective properties to bronze. The constituent metals also provide various versions of bronze. With the strength of all the metals, bronze is widely used in sculptures, musical instruments, industrial appliances and even medals.

Most Common Variations of Bronze

  • Aluminum Bronze – due to superior strength and corrosive-resistant qualities, used mainly in marine hardware, sleeve bearings, and pumps that transport corrosive fluids
  • Phosphor Bronze – due to incredible strength, fine grain, durability, high fatigue resistance, and a low coefficient of friction, used widely in anti-corrosive equipment, electrical components, washers, springs, bellows and more
  • Nickel Brass – due to tensile strength and corrosive-resistant qualities, used in musical instruments, optical equipment, food & beverage equipment, and more
  • Silicon Bronze – manufacturing of pumps and valves parts
  • Copper Nickel – due to high thermal stability, used in manufacturing electronic components, marine equipment, ship hulls and more

Why Recycle Bronze?

Recycling bronze scrap metal reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making bronze from virgin ore. Commonly found in statues, old plumbing fixtures and commercial electrical pieces, bronze is a great metal to scrap. Moreover, it has greater recycle value than brass.

If you have bronze scrap metal lying around in your property, call us for scrap metal collection and transport services in Australia. We collect everything in the range of metal commodities, piping, electrical wiring, motorised cars, auto-parts, electrical appliances, power tools and construction equipment.

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