Easy Collection and Best Prices for Brass Scrap Metal in Australia

Brass is known as a bright gold coloured alloy, having zinc and copper. Due to its low melting point, it is
highly used in a large number of household appliances. Apart from low melting point, it has many valuable
properties, such as strength, ductility, hardness, machinability, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance,
anti-microbial built, high electrical & thermal conductivity. With so many features, brass is highly used in low
friction applications like bearings, gears, locks, ammunition casings, valves, doorknobs, electrical appliances,
musical instruments and plumbing.


At JJ Scrap Metals

We purchase all grades of brass scrap metal, including brass radiators, brass borings, brass rods, mixed brass, brass cuts and more. With brass reaming the best and one of the most popular scrap metals in the world, we do our best to provide our clients with the most competitive brass scrap prices. Brass comes in a wide range of variations, based on the mix of Copper and Zinc metals.

  • Alpha Brasses
  • Alpha-Beta Brasses
  • Beta Brasses
  • White Brass Scrap

Brass Metal Scrap

  • Musical instruments
  • Kitchenware
  • Decorative figurines
  • Ornaments and accessories
  • Door knobs, bolts and handles
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Electrical appliances and equipment
  • Light switches and electrical sockets
  • Bearings for industrial applications
  • Locks
  • Ammunition casings
  • Window fittings
  • Screws and pins
  • Coat hooks
  • Hand rails
  • Light fittings and lamps
  • Garden taps and hose fittings
  • Letter boxes
  • Seat belt fittings in the car

Why Recycle Brass Scrap Metal?

The recycling process for brass is comparatively less energy intensive than aluminum and steel. Yielding
smaller carbon footprint, recycling brass is highly eco-friendly and boon to the industries which depended
on mining natural resources. Moreover, like many other metals, brass is 100% recyclable and does not lose
any of the properties during the recycling process. This makes it one of the most recycled metals in the
world, due to high cost-effectiveness.

If you have brass scrap metal lying in your property and occupying space unnecessarily, call us for or more
information on our scrap metal collection in Australia. Our services are hassle-free, reliable and we offer
highly competitive scrap metal prices!

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