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Do you have aluminium extrusions, aluminium pots, aluminium pans, aluminium wheels, aluminium rims, aluminium cans, aluminium turnings or swarf, aluminium cast, or aluminium sheets or rolls lying unused in your backyard? Worry not, as JJ Scrap Metals specialises in collection and transportation of aluminum scrap right from your doorstep – at highly competitive prices!

Being an independent Australian-owned company, we purchase all sorts of aluminium scrap which can be recycled. This includes aluminium from domestic usage, engineering works, redundant machinery, whitegoods or more. We accept aluminium scrap from the public, tradesmen or heavy manufacturing units – everything followed by a prompt payment (often immediate). JJ Scrap Metal is proud to serve the areas of Moorabbin, Moorabbin East, Braeside, Dandenong South, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Pakenham, Clayton, Seaford, Docklands, Laverton, Hallam and Ringwood.


Why Recycle Aluminium?

This particular metal is highly recyclable, making the discarded aluminium very valuable. Moreover, aluminium recycling can save a lot of energy and prevent mining of bauxite ore which is used for aluminium production all across the world. According to recent statistics, aluminium can recycling covers nearly 5% of the total bauxite mining in the world.

  • Aluminium can be recycled forever, without losing its qualities
  • Avoids the mining of new Bauxite ore
  • Saves enough energy to power millions of homes
  • Reduces the carbon footprint

Aluminium Scrap Metal Prices

To avail the best prices for clean aluminium, the metal should be free from any contaminants like steel, glass, wood or plastic. Moreover, aluminium containing steel will be considered as irony aluminium. Our aluminium scrap metal prices will largely depend on the current market rates and the best we can offer to our clients.

Don’t let Your Aluminium Scrap Go Wasted - Sell It to Us for Money!

With a strong network and all the resources, we offer the most reliable aluminium scrap collection and transportation services in Australia. All our scrap metal prices are based on the purity and condition of the scrap metal.

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