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Scrap metal collection plays a vital role in the environment and is a critical job. Ranging from used metal, used copper, used aluminium, used brass, used lead, used batteries or even junk cars – scrap metal provides a huge range of recyclable materials. Being the frontline participant of scrap supply chain, JJ Scrap Metals performs an indispensable service by ensuring that the end-of-life metals can be recycled and reused.

We Collect Scrap

Do you have unwanted or out-dated metal scrap lying in your property? Are you confused about how to optimally use the scrap metal? Do you lack the time to dump the metal scrap in the yard? At JJ Scrap Metals, we collect all sorts of metal scrap right from your doorstep. Our services include small deliveries to large amount of scrap from utilities. We also offer a very competitive pricing on all scrap collected, depending on the purity and condition of the scrap metal.

  • Aluminium and Battery scrap collection
  • Brass, Copper, Iron and Steel collection
  • Plant and Machinery salvage collection
  • Unwanted car removal for money
  • White goods collection
  • Scrap metal collection

We are fully licensed to carry waste material and operate with a comprehensive insurance cover. With a team of friendly staff, we keenly focus on the environment and safety. All our site clearance projects involve clients from a wide range of industries, including the home owners or the commercial establishments. We are highly supported by our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers, enabling us to collect and transport scrap metal to the scrap yard with ease, without relying on the expensive contractors.

We take care of your scrap metal disposal, without a hassle. With a simple process, it is very easy to take advantage of our mobile scrap metal collection and transport services.

Now, clean up your engineering companies, workplace, construction site and make money!

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