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Sell Scrap Metal in Ravenhall and Get Cash in Return

For selling industrial scrap metal in Ravenhall, JJ Scrap Metals is your ultimate destination. We have rich scraping industry experience and our scrap recycling services are available to a wide range of industries; and we buy scrap metals from builders, demolition companies, factories, car/vehicle wreckers, plumbing companies and electricians and give them a fair price in return. You can count on us for a convenient scrap removing experience.

We provide perfect scrap removal solutions to the industries that produce high-quantity scrap on a regular basis. As an Australian owned and operated company, we provide scrap removal service in Melbourne and surrounding areas. If you have scrap metals in your possession, such as industrial scrap metal, including stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminium, copper, steel, zinc, radiators, white goods and redundant machinery, you can sell them to us.

We Buy The Following Scrap Metals in Ravenhall:

  • Copper wires, tubing, piping, and sheets
  • Miscellaneous – Plant items, corrugated sheets and machinery
  • Brass scrap – Solids and turnings
  • Iron and cast iron
  • Stainless steel – Sinks, sheets, pipes, rods
  • White goods – Fridges, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, and dryers
  • Tin, steel, zinc, nickel and lead metal scrap
  • Aluminium wheels, extrusions, cans, rims, pans and pots
  • Radios and batteries

We are Your Trusted and Reliable Scrap Metal Recyclers in Ravenhall:

We are a fully licensed and insured company to carry waste materials. We have a team of experienced and friendly professionals that you can trust for efficient and timely scrap removal service. We have a fleet of advanced trucks and trailers, allowing us to collect scrap metal and conveniently bring it to our yard. We are capable of managing any amount of scrap; whether it’s a one time job or you need our services on a regular basis, you receive the best quality service and fair value of your scrap metal.

Get in Touch with Us:

For scrap metal in Ravenhall, JJ Scrap Metals is your ultimate destination. We buy scrap metal from various industries at competitive prices and we support and encourage recycling and re-use of scrap metal for a sustainable planet.

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