• Cash for scrap metal banned
    Cash for Scrap Metal Banned Under New Laws from 30 May 2018
    Instead, Payments will be Done
    via Cheque or e-Transfer.
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Sell Tons of Scrap to Us and Make Money!

Scrap metal can impact the environment, adversely. Therefore, it needs to be handled with care. We have the expertise to recycle tons of used metal, ranging from copper, aluminium, brass, lead, batteries, iron and even wrecked cars/vehicles. Being a leading dealer of scrap metal in Melbourne and a participant of scrap supply chain, JJ Scrap Metals performs an indispensable service by ensuring that the end-of-life metals can be recycled and reused.

Sell Your Large Chunks of Scrap and Earn Money!!!


Has your industrial unit has accumulated tons of metal scrap? Are you looking for scrap metal dealers to sell the large scrap metal at high prices? JJ Scrap Metal provides you with a solution. We are proudly serving Moorabbin, Moorabbin East, Braeside, Dandenong South, Mulgrave, Dandenong, Pakenham, Clayton, Seaford, Docklands, Laverton, Hallam and Ringwood areas.

JJ Scrap Metal buy massive quantities of scrap metal from industries, builders, demolition companies, factories, car/vehicle wreckers, plumbing companies and electricians! You can now sell a large amount of metal scrap to us and get an excellent price for the scrap metal.

Scrap metal collection plays a vital role in the environment and is a critical job. Ranging from used metal, copper, aluminium, brass, lead, batteries and even junk cars – JJ Scrap Metals buy a massive amount of recyclable materials.

Being a leading dealer of scrap metal in Melbourne and a participant of a scrap supply chain, JJ Scrap Metals performs an indispensable service by ensuring that the end-of-life metals can be recycled and reused.

We Collect Scrap Metal in Hallam

Do your commercial activities produce tons of scrap regularly? Are you wondering how to use the scrap metal optimally? Are you looking for metal scrap recycling in Melbourne to get good prices of the metal scrap lying in your property?

JJ Scrap Metals has a solution for all your questions! We collect different type of metal scrap from your property. Moreover, we offer competitive prices on all scrap collected, depending on the purity and condition of the metal. We collect and recycle the following metals:



We are fully licensed to carry waste material and operate with a comprehensive insurance cover. With a team of friendly staff, we keenly focus on the environment and safety. All our site clearance projects involve clients from a wide range of industries, including vehicle/car wreckers, builder, demolition contractors, factory owners, plumbing companies, excavators and so on.

We are supported by our extensive fleet of trucks and trailers, enabling us to collect and transport scrap metal to the scrap yard with ease, without relying on the expensive contractors. We take care of your scrap metal disposal, without a hassle. With a simple process, it is effortless to take advantage of our mobile scrap metal collection and transport services.

Our Testimonials


“It’s nice to come some place and know I’m going to get excellent service. I’ve been to other places and keep coming back to JJ Scrap Metals because I know I get the best service.”

Dolcy G

“All of the employees are very prompt and respectful. I am confident that they are paying the best prices and very happy with the overall experience. The employees are helpful with any questions I have.”


We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Industry we were sure that we would need to talk only to one organization about all our needs. Industry with its provide 8 – 35m3 hook bins for industrial/Farms Job Sites. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.


“Best prices throughout Melbourne, and fantastic customer service.”

Baqir Majeed

“Thankyou for your professional and friendly service. We were able to quickly and efficiently clear scrap metal and electrical cables from our parents’ home. I would recommend your company to others.”

Teena Ness

An easy solution to sell your scrap metal

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