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Scrap metal collection plays a vital role in the environment and is a critical job. Ranging from used metal, used copper, used aluminium, used brass, used lead, used batteries or even junk cars – scrap metal provides a huge range of recyclable materials. Being the frontline participant of scrap supply chain, JJ Scrap Metals performs an indispensable service by ensuring that the end-of-life metals can be recycled and reused.

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Our Testimonials


“It’s nice to come some place and know I’m going to get excellent service. I’ve been to other places and keep coming back to JJ Scrap Metals because I know I get the best service.”

Dolcy G

“All of the employees are very prompt and respectful. I am confident that they are paying the best prices and very happy with the overall experience. The employees are helpful with any questions I have.”


We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Industry we were sure that we would need to talk only to one organization about all our needs. Industry with its provide 8 – 35m3 hook bins for industrial/Farms Job Sites. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.


An easy solution to sell your scrap metal